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"I give my patients back their natural inborn healing power so that they can live a self-managed healthy life." ? by Dr. Cheng, the founder of Cheng Medical Center.

Estern Philosophical Approach to Health

China has over five thousand years of Acupuncture, which was passed to all over the world. The Eastern approach to health involves understanding the body and mind as an interconnected system that must be treated as a whole to properly get to the root cause of the problem. A body and mind that is in natural balance is considered to be in good physical health. Rather than treating symptoms, or the effects of a poor health condition, the Eastern approach attempts to restore natural balance to the body. This balance then creates the internal conditions that allow your own body to naturally cure the cause of the problem. This approach is extremely beneficial because once balance has been restored and the ailment has been properly treated, it is much less likely to reoccur because the conditions that created the problem have been eliminated. This approach to health is also extremely effective in helping to resolve multiple poor health conditions simultaneously. In some instances, seemingly unrelated health problems will "resolve themselves" because balance is being restored to the entire system and not just one particular part of the body.

We Accept

All PPO insurance


The HMO insurance:

Central Health Plan (Physician Healthway and Advantage Care)
• Allied Physician
Pacific IPA
• American Specialty Health PlanKaiser Permanente
• ACN Optum Health
• Easy Choice


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